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to calculate transfer trajectories in planar geometry          
----> This program is now obsolete, please go to for something (hopefully) better <---- The program with supporting subroutine packages and calculates positions on orbits of celestial bodies and the total velocity change Delta-v for transfer trajectories between them with rocket burns at departure and arrival only. It can do a scan to find the departure and arrival times that yield the lowest Delta-v. Alternatively, one can also minimize the departure Delta-v only for missions to intercept the target body without velocity matching.
Instruction on usage under Linux are here, as well as a sample file with gnuplot commands.

This program can do only planar geometries, ignoring orbital inclinations. It is now superceded by the program, which can do three-dimensional geometries, and more capable in other ways, too.

Copyright 2007-2008 Bernhard Adams